Story Night: Boy and The King

Story Night: Boy and The King Ustadh Hassan Elwan will be our speaker for the night This lecture is for everyone above the age of 5. We encourage everyone to bring their children Program will start at 7:45 PM with Maghrib prayers Food is available for purchase Dinner will be served after Maghrib

Eid Picnic on July 9th, 2017

As’Salamu Alaykum Community Members, We pray to Allah SWT that you all had a blessed Ramadan and a wonderful Eid with your friends and family. At DarulFalah Islamic Center, we would like to continue the celebrations of the blessed month and gather everyone once again for Eid Picnic. This Picnic is for all age groups.… continue reading


Khatam-ul-Quran Program We would like to invite you all for the Khatam-ul-Quran program at DarulFalah Islamic Center on June 21st, 2017. Isha will be at 9:45PM, followed by Tara’weeh prayers Special Talk by Sh. Furhan Zubairi Huffadh Appreciation ceremony – Hafidh Anas Amla, Hafidh Ahmed, Hafidh Ibrahim Chaudhry, and Hafidh Musaddaq DarulFalah Masjid Update Sweets and… continue reading

Donation Appeal

BUILDING PROJECT As Salamu Alaykum Brothers and Sisters Ramadan Kareem to all from Darul Falah and may Allah bring joy, happiness and rewards to you and your family.   Darul Falah team is looking for your continued support as usual, and asking each one of you to donate generously in this blessed month of Ramadan… continue reading

Ramadan Mubarak

Dear Community Members, On behalf of the DarulFalah Islamic Center we wish you all Ramadan Mubarak. We have confirmed reports of moon sighting from our reliable sources. This marks the start of the Holy month of Ramadan. Few things to note: Tara’weeh prayers start tonight May 26th, 2017. Isha is at 9:45PM, followed by Tara’weeh prayers… continue reading